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Originally Posted by WhistlingFool
By putting wieght on the inside peg you shift the center of gravity to the inside, this allows the bike to corner sharper with less lean. As the bike enters a corner, the bike drops to the sidewall of the tire and starts the turn. If the bike didn't lean into the corner, it would slide off, the lean opposes the centrifugal force. by shifting any weight to the inside of a corner, the bike can make the corner with less lean, meaning less time to get back up straight where full throttle can be applied. The faster a bike goes through a corner the farther it has to lean. By hanging way off the inside racers have increased the speed at which they can traverse a corner, whichs wins them races. . This *is* mostly a racing maneuver, but also adds to stability on road riding. You will see racers shifting their entire bodies to one side or the other as they attack corners. When I use this technique in a corner I am always amazed at how much less lean is needed when I shift my self to the inside. ... (to be redundant the Total Control book goes over this in a clearly understood way)....
Yes, but, um.

Weight to inside to get the bike to start a turn, then you shift the weight to the outside through the apex. So, you can certainly argue that the 'weight' is on the outside when you are actually in the turn.

On Dirt, you weight the outside, the bike naturally wants to fall down and you control that with your weight on both pegs actually but the outside predominantly.

At any rate this is not some important piece of wisdom for a "noob." It's a nuanced thing to become far more advanced.
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