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This cracked manifold has me thinking...

Maybe this is why my plug is WHITE as all get out??

& also why she wants to die cold too...

I'll have to check this out when I get back to town.

HandKphil, The '87 was a different body correct? Were there any engine / drive train differences between mine & yours? I'm just wondering if there was something changed that would make your real world performance better than mine. If not, using your info for a reference (to compare) I think would be a good baseline to go from.

On the drive train (I don't know what else to call it) I just need the sliders & belt (my Elite has 8600+ miles, figure getting a new belt in there can't hurt) correct?

I'll get those on the way.

I'll check out the manifold intake rubber thingy for cracks. If there are some, I'll replace it & see if the plug browns up. If not, then I'll jet up. Of course I'll go through the carb regardless & check out this enricher thing I hear screws up & tighten the throttle cable while I'm at it to see if her cold running improves.

Off to order parts!

Thanks everybody for helping out the slow kid!
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