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A few questions for you Interfone users, as this really looks like a great product:

- Is it possible to use my own personal in-ear speakers instead of the helmet speakers with this system?

- I need this system to do the following:
- Allow rider to passenger comms
- Allow me to synch directly (not through the GPS) with an Iphone (to listen to music)
- Allow me to get directions from the Zumo 550

So the questions are:

- Will the GPS interrupt the music with directions, if the music is not running through the GPS)
- Can I synch all three devices: Zumo, Iphone and passenger and use them all at the same time - ie. listen to music, but have that interrupted for GPS directionsor when my passenger speaks to me?

- Will the above also work if the passenger is synched to their own music source - can they still speak to me?

- What happens if my passenger has a music source that is not Bluetooth enabled - can it still be used?


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