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So I press onward. I soon am following a semi truck that is creeping along at 40 mph. His trailer is literally leaning at a 5 degree angle from the wind. I canít safely pass without running the risk of being blown into him. And there is no relief from the sidewind gusts riding in his wake. So I slow down and follow along, trying to keep a straight line. Which is impossible. But with slight steering corrections, I can keep six inches left or right of a straight line as I continue down the road. And soon the wind abates as the road passes into the lee of the southern mountains. It is a memory, as the wind slowly fades and the road turns into a 4 lane freeway heading south to Guatemala. But I have made it through La Ventosa (the windy place) on a 250, and it was a thrill ride! It is getting dark now, as the road passes through a small town and suddenly, whap, whap, whap. I pull over into a Pemex gas station and look at the rear tire and find the rear tire has picked up a huge nail that was hitting my swingarm. So I pull it out, and pfffffft, the tire starts deflating. But the nice guys at the service station air me up and point me down the road a couple clicks to a motel. What a break. A nice place to stay for 200 pesos (16.00) with wifi, cable TV and a brightly lit parking lot where I can change out the rear tube. There is a platoon of federales staying there for the night. They have armed guards with machine guns posted to watch their trucks overnight, and are really nice as they watch me pop off the rear wheel and air up the new tube with my battery powered air pump with enough air to ride back down to the Pemex station and fully inflate the new tube. It was a lucky break to get a flat in one of the few places with a 24 hour gas station out in this sparsely populated area of Mexico.
The next morning all of the Federales are gone except one truck. It is a 2009 Ford F150 in Federale dark navy.

And only one guy is left to guard the truck. He lets me check out his machine gun. It is called a Panther. Never heard of it. But he says it is muy fuerte (very strong).

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