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I HATE the wind!


I can relate to comments about your riding in strong winds. A buddy and I were out riding in the Moab area last week and the winds had to be 20-30 mph steadily for 2 full days and gusting up to 40 or so. It made riding miserable, but we were there and did the best we could. I can handle snow, rain and cold, but I hate riding in the wind!

Just curious what your load looked like on the sherpa. You have posted some partial views of you SS, but would appreciate a shot showing how things were loaded up.

I will be picking up a low milage Sherpa this weekend and can't wait to test it's dual sport abilities. I have a fullly set up DR650 and a XR250L and am curious how the Sherpa will fit in with, and maybe replace one or both of my other bikes.

Great report and photos...keep it coming and ride safe!

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