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Originally Posted by Thinc2
Hmmm - that sounds pretty good. I don't care about using the phone while riding - I just want the music.

So this means I could use the Iphone through the Music channel, the GPS thru the Phone channel and use the intercom.

So what is the experience with that setup if I am riding along and listening to music and my passenger wants to speak to me - do I hear some sort of beep and then have to push the button to do intercom? How do I know when the passenger wants to talk?

Also, does this mean the passenger can listen to their own music through their own MP3 player right because each unit is a stand alone.

Finally, is there any way to listen to music through hardwire with the interfone, or BT only?

The Interphone doesn't have a hardware input port.

You can choose to use VOX for intercomm if you like or you can leave it in the default mode where you press a button to talk to your partner.

You and your passenger can each have their own music source.

BTW - One of the speakers on the Interphone connects with a 2.5mm jack so splicing in a pair of in-ear speakers is potentially 50% easier than if you had to cut/spice on both sides.
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