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It is another beautiful day of riding in Guatemala. Winding down the mountain. Blue sky with puffy white clouds drifting by the Volcanoes in the distance. I LOVE riding the mountain roads in Guatemala. It has changed so much in the last four years since I was down here.

I reach the outskirts of Guatemala City. It is HUGE. I have no idea where I am going and get off the main drag and am having a total blast. I pull over to take some pictures of bikes. Sitting on the curb I catch a shot of this delivery bike.

And a guy on a China bike

My camera has a one second delay, so catching these guys in frame is next to impossible. This is a picture of a typical pizza delivery bike.

You can't believe how fast these guys ride a 100cc bike in rush hour traffic. They are a delight to follow. Slicing through traffic. Splitting lanes. Riding where the cars aren't. Squeezing between the stopped cars and buses and scooting up to the front of traffic at the lights. And pinning the throttle the minute the light turns green. It is SO MUCH FUN riding through Central American capitols on a skinny little thumper.

Of course I have no idea where I'm going. And it is rush hour. I see this cool Honda in a window and stop to take a pic.

It is a sweepstakes prize in the Claro cell phone store. Boy, would that 125 be a blast to ride across town today.

Eventually I pull over and ask directions at a tienda (shop). A nice man is buying his daughter a coke and takes the time to give me excellent directions out of town. People speak so quickly, and my brain is slow, but by now I can catch the gist of what they are saying. Quadras means blocks. Izquierda means left. Derecho means right. And when they twirl their hand in the air it means roundabout. And directo means straight.

So I take an Izquierda after 4 quadras and a derecho to the roundabout and soon I'm heading off directo into the quiet countryside of southern Guatemala.

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