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The next morning I hit the Nicaraguan border at the smaller Las Manos border crossing. Got there at 8:00 and was on the road by 8:30, so really easy place to cross. It cost 2.00 to leave Honduras. And it cost 7.50 to get into Nicaragua plus 12.00 for mandatory insurance. I got 2000 Cordobas for a C-note. So 20 cordobas to the dollar. Gas was 21 cordobas per liter, so about 4.00 a gallon. Spent the day cruising around Nicaragua. No potholes or topes (speedbumps) in Nica and it is only 200miles or so to Costa Rica. Like riding half way across Nebraska. I took a detour over to the capital and had a blast bombing through Managua for a twenty mile thrill ride. These big cities are really fun to ride through. Then traveled down the narrow isthmus between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific ocean. There were plenty of windmills and a volcano spewing ash down its slopes in the vague distance.

I Reached Costa Rica at 4:00 PM and was through at 6:30. There aren't any other places to cross than on the main panam hwy. So it's a zoo. But it just meant waiting behind people in long lines.

It got really windy in northern Costa Rica in the Guanacaste area, so stopped in at Liberia for the night.

The next day I wandered around Costa Rica. Took the road up to the Monte Verde cloud forest. It was a spectacular day. Blue skies and clear views looking out towards the Nicoya penninsula.

I stopped to buy a coke and this kid rode by on a brand spanking new Yamaha XT225.

The road was large river rock embedded in clay and coarse gravel for a while. It looked like a road of skulls sticking out of the ground. A little rough riding, but nothing a little dirt bike can’t handle.

The road wound around the hills

It changed back to pavement before dropping back down to the main highway.

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