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I left Uvita and drifted up through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Just floating along with traffic. 50 mph is the speed limit in most of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I didn't take too many pics. I did drop down into Granada to check out the place. Nice looking town square with nice looking carriages for a ride downtown.

And a nice looking cathedral

I like Nicaragua. The roads are nice. The people are friendly. I can see why so many retirees are moving there. Like Panama, it is cheaper than Costa Rica. I wanted to head inland, but all the roads over to the mosquito coast were one way in and out, so I kept heading north and spent the night in northern Nicaragua.

The next day I headed up through tobacco country towards El Espino border crossing. Lots of cigar factories up here. I hit the border and parked and a young kid got really excited to see my Super Sherpa. He went over and got his Sherpa and parked it next to mine.

His bike was SPOTLESS! With an aftermarket exhaust that sounded sweet. Here are the tramitadores hanging out at the border with my new Sherpa buddy in the middle.

I was the only one there coming through and was in and out in a half hour. Really easy border crossing. It is only 100 miles or so to the El Salvador border, so I headed that way since I missed this country on the way down.

I couldn't believe how nice El Salvador was. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was certainly more mountainous than I expected.

Here is a picture of a sunset and an El Salvador volcano.

I headed to the capitol of San Salvador. Quite a cosmopolitan town. It was getting dark and I pulled over and got some tacos and asked directions to the beach and headed down to La Libertad for the night.
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