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So I hop on the Sherpa the next morning on the coast of El Salvador and head out down the coast. It's a beautiful day. Blue sky , warm weather. Sunday morning so everyones in church or hung over and the road has light traffic. The coast road in El Salvador reminds of Hwy 1 in California. Winding roads on cliffs dropping down to the Pacific.

The coast road is GREAT! curves and tunnels.

So I'm tooling along, minding my own business, and suddenly WHOOSH! A 650 Ninja passes me. And then 10 more sport bikes. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM! They fly by leaning into the hairpins. Knees dragging.

So I do what comes naturally and twist my right wrist as hard as I can. WAIT! What am I thinking? I'm on a 250cc bike. So I hang with them while they keep it under 70 in the curves. But the first straight stetch, these boys light the afterburners, and ZOOOOOM! They are soon dots on the horizon. So I slow down. But MAN! What a squid rush that was.

Several miles down the road the boys are pulled over taking a break in the shade. So I stop and get a group photo of them and their kick-ass bikes.

I chat with them for a while and get their emails so I can send pics when I get home. They buy me some watermelon and we talk bikes. Hey, the one guy recognized my gas tank came from an Xr650L Honda since he has one athome. What a great bunch of guys! Motodudes are fun to hang with no matter where you are. And their girlfriends looked SHARP with color co-ordinated tight leather outfits that matched the bikes and high heeled leather boots. WOW! I won't soon forget the lady in red.

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