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Originally Posted by Thinc2
Sorry to be anal about this, but I'm not familiar with VOX.

So if I'm listening to my music and my passenger is listening to her music, how do I know when she wants to speak to me? Can she just push her intercom button and it overrides my music? If I'm reading the above correctly, I would hear some sort of acoustic sound, then press my MFB to go to intercom mode and speak to my passenger?

Thanks in advance for the detailed replies - this may be a better solution than the Scala after all. I particularly like that it is fully waterproof.
Never mind, VOX apparently only works for phone calls.

For intercom sessions, the way it works is that once you have paired your two F4 units (rider/passenger), either of you can initiate an intercom session by pressing the MFB and holding it for 3 seconds. So in your scenario she would press and hold her MFB for 3 seconds, you'll both hear a beep, your music will pause and then you will hear her talking and you can talk back (full duplex). Unlike an incoming phone call, I don't believe there is a way for you to 'reject' an intercom session initiated by her.
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