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Refurbishing Honda scooters

I don't believe there's any significant engine/CVT differences between the '85's and the '87's. I think your performance issues can be traced to a carb that's not quite clean. Many people report starting/idling/top speed issues when restoring these old Honda scooters, and I'd bet that eight times out of ten their problem is a dirty carb. I replaced an $80 bystarter when I first got into these scooters, thinking it was bad, when in fact my carb was just dirty.

Your rollers may very well be worn. I've re-done a few Honda scooters now, and the rollers on two had major flat spots. One bike had 2800 miles on it, and the other had 6800. New rollers improved the performance of both, but I can't say their top speeds increased by more than a mile or two per hour.

I think it's important to make sure your scooter's in optimum tune too. As I mentioned before, a good first step is to replace all filters and fluids, as well as your plug. Check all vacuum line connections for leaks. Check your carb-to-manifold connection for air leaks. If your tank's rusty, clean it meticulously, and/or install a fuel filter.

You're really going to enjoy your scooter once you get your minor issues ironed out. I usually have 5-6 motorcycles and scooters in my garage at any one time, but the one that's the most fun to ride is my Elite 150.

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