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Originally Posted by Miss Bitters
I will if you and Head Full of Snot will. They don't give trinkets for last.... Wow, that sounded harsher than I intended. I fully expect you upper class scorers to be on the lookout for those other beginners in your section. Upon seeing one I also fully expect you to whip out a GameBoy DS, whistle to get their attention, and fling said GameBoy DS out of the section causing them to follow the arc of the throw out of the section and causing them to "5". I haven't really given any thought to this. And no, I am not competitive. Gotta go. I'm off to GameStop. I have "camping" supplies to buy.
I knew that would bring you out of ADV hiding!

Maybe we can place some strategic Snickers bars around the section and see if the "younger" beginners will dive for them! Hey...any advantage! Right?

...and Head Full of Snot...

Hi HFOS!!!
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