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Thanks again man!

So I got back into town today & started checking some stuff. I blew brake clean all over the manifold & whatnot & couldn't get any idle fluctuations more than normal. I checked like crazy for cracks & didn't see anything that remotely resembled one.

So then I went to the carb.

First off... Why does there need to be so many freakin' things connected to the blasted carb? Talk about over engineering!

Anyways, inside was practically spotless. There was a TINY bit of sediment in the bowl, that was it. I blew all the passages out with B-12 & reassembled with a 102.5 main. I tightened the throttle cable up too. The carb was getting WOT with all that slack so my theory about a lack of top end from not reaching WOT by a loose throttle cable was busted.

She does have some more torque around town with the bigger main but I don't think I gained much (if any) top end. I took her out on the highway & got 60 one way, 50 back... Stupid Kansas wind again! Still a great improvement around town between the bigger main & tightened throttle cable so I'm happy with that!

So that pretty much takes care of the carb end. Other than maybe getting a new enricher dealy. If I continue to have a cold dying issue that is. After I fired her up to check for leaks, I went inside to wash my mits so I'm not sure if I fixed that problem since she was warmed up when I went for the shakedown run.

So I'm still led to believe I need to go through the CVT. I'll swing by the local Kawasaki Honda store & order a couple exhaust gaskets (I figure I'm gonna either blow one or tinker with the exhaust anyways) & a new belt. He's gonna look at me real funny when I start asking about Honda parts... Especially Honda scooter parts!

I'll price the enricher too, but I'm guessing he'll be way more than the $24 ones I've spotted on Ebay. If not, I'll order one of those too, of course only if she wants to die while she's still cold on the way there tomorrow.

I went to Dr Pulley's site & found the sliders I believe I need but how do you order them?

The box in the top right there, next to Honda they got an 11.5 & 12.5, I'm thinking about the 11.5. I read a thread somewheres on here that the stockers are around 11.6 so I figure that should be close enough. I'm just not seeing any place to order them at... Am I slow?

A couple other things. The coil on her is TINY!! Can I replace it with a big ass high output coil for some extra umph in the iggy department? It's just so small...

Secondly, in the scooter thread, this guy posted a picture of a blue Elite looking scooter but has another name down the side.

Does that say 'freeway 150'? The reason I ask is those wheels look 100x better than the steelies I got. If I get my scooter where I'm totally satisfied with the performance, I'd like to spruce her up a bit cosmetically & would definitely want to track down a set of these wheels. That's if they're bolt in of course, I'm assuming they are? Any other mag wheels I can swap into my standard Elite?

BTW, that is an awesome looking scooter!

Once again, thanks for all the help & reading my ramblings!
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