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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter
Couple things I noticed:
Enlarging the valve stem hole in the wheel won't do much to protect the tube if you spin the tire on the wheel. If it really spins (very unlikely) it will tear the valve stem out anyway.

I also notice your spokes nipples and wheel look a bit corroded. (from Salt back East?) Watch for cracks!

I was curious why you were grinding down the Chain pins? (Rivets) If you have the Motion Pro chain tool then you can just push the pins out in order to cut the chain. No grinding needed. A chain tool is faster and easier.

I forgot to mention one thing I noticed on your bike regards overheating.
Front Fender: I notice your fender is cut. There is a reason Suzuki (and off road bikes) have the back part of the fender there. Mud splatter.

- I used washers on the valve stem nut and that covered up the hole. I hope it's enough.
- Yeah, stock wheels from 1998, Michigan bike. I'll keep an eye out for rim cracks.
- Yup, know that I can break the rivets with the tool, but I've had friends damage their tools easily like that and since the grinder was there, why not take the safer approach with the tool :)
- My Acerbis fender had huge vents cut in it and I figured cutting off that section wouldn't be that much worse :p I'll keep an eye out in mud riding on the oil cooler.
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