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Originally Posted by the_gr8t_waldo
you might check the alinement of chain/sprockets and adjust if nessary.with the maintance you've been doing- a lot of hard riding(dirt ) and my guess 14k is in the ballpark. but hiway milage this would be below the norm.

A pretty easy way to do this is get your bike on the center stand and spin the rear wheel to see if your chain is running right in the middle of the rear sprocket. If it wanders off to either side then you need to adjust your tensioner(s) to where the chain is running true. Another tip - a loose chain is always better than a tight one. Maybe have some friends take a look and see what they think. Finally sit on the bike and have a friend check for free play, as sometimes a chain looks good when the bike is on a center stand, but tightens up quite a bit with the rider on it.
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