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Originally Posted by Patrick46
Ya know Motomac...I was just lookin' at your sig line , and it sais that you've got over 72,000 miles on an '09 Goldwing????!!! ............that's just frikken sick!!!!!

Holy crap guy......think about us poor working stiffs a bit, huh?

(fine...then don't!)

That's a typo in my sig line, it should have read 81+K and I'm going to update it after this post to 84+K and over 14K for the year so far. It'll be over 17K when I return to San Diego in a couple of weeks.
'06 ST 1300 79,673 miles (gone but never forgotten)
'09 Gold Wing 109,927 miles (sold)
'10 Gold Wing 118,442 traded in
'13 Gold Wing 36,873 miles
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