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Originally Posted by xdbx
Mine's toasted too. Are you going to crack the headlight case open? If so, how do you get the silicone bead to free without snapping the plastic tabs? Post a couple photos for me when you do PLEASE!!
Sadly I haven't found a trick to do this the "nice way".

Basically I hacked off the plastic tabs with a knife, and hacked away at the silicone or whatever that black sealant stuff is. After a lot of hacking and digging, trying to avoid damaging the lens or the plastic case, I got it free.

To put it back together I just put the lens in place, held it with some tape, and ran a bead of normal silicone (bath sealant) round the groove.

That's how I repaired my headlight originally (I bought the bike with a cracked headlight reflector) - that was a few years ago and it held up fine. I've just replaced the reflector with one I blagged from another broken unit using the same method.

Sorry I didn't take photos of any of this process, but I took this one of the end result.

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