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Montreal is a great city to spend time in with lots to do, but this was a ride after all, it's time to go. My idea was to do a loop rather than back track the same way I came up. If I go East, I can loop right back into the States first through Sherbrook and a few little Provincial towns, then South into Pittsburgh, NH.
These small Southern Quebec towns are very heavily tied to the logging industry, farming and mining.
There's a lot of remote, straight roads between villages.

Did I say long...straight...remote....

You gotta have a sense of humor, when the winters are as long and cold as they are here.

I got to Sherbrook late in the afternoon. I walked around a bit. There's always some beautiful architecture in each town.


I seems like all I do is eat. I really don't eat that much or often but for some reason this trip was punctuated by food and drink. French Canadians enjoy their cafes, pubs and bistro's.
So I found this little cafe and had a nice local Montreal Boreale Brew and (I know it looks like a hamburger) a Frenchburger... brie, sundried tomatoes, some fancy mayonaise spread, complete with french frites and vinegar.
I enjoyed this spot for quite a while...

I had intended to camp tonite, but it was pretty cold and drizzling, so I holed up in some cheap motel.

I woke up to a overcast and snow spitting day. Hmmm that makes it interesting.

The Sherbrooke skyline....actually this is a nice little city and my picture doesn't do it justice. It was just a kinda gray day. It was time to head south and find some sun.

I picked my way down through a few small towns till I got to the border town and Mt. Magantic ahead of me. It had just snowed last night and the road was freshly salted and sanded.

Thats the border station ahead

They frown on taking pictures at the border station, but after a quick shakedown, cursory search of my bags and the usual chat about who, what when and where, I was on my way, back in the good ole USA.

Third Connecticut Lake...the headwaters of the mighty Connecticut River. Still trying to shake off winter here.


This section of road for the next 20 miles or so is called "Moose Alley."

In the spring time especially, the moose come to the roadside to slurp up the salt left after a winter of road maintenance. I usually see a moose or I didn't see any.

A nice summertime campsite which has a remote walk in site which is kinda cool. Bring your deet though.


Last but not least....First CT. Lake. Ice out and there were a few fishermen there.

As I move down in elevation, the snow disappears.
This is a great area for some off road riding. Not a good idea to do it solo though. It's a long way out, if something goes bad.

Here's some good old American Architecture in Lancaster...I think. From The Forboding Courthouse period.

Once down below the notches, it was a whole new weather pattern

The sun was out, and the heat was sinking back into my bones

I always liked this round barn in Woodsville

Then a little lunch in Lyme, on the front porch of the general store. Yah I know....I eat too much.

Almost home.... I got the bagels though.
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