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Good timing....

I'm sort of in the same boat. My chain makes serious crunchy noises (at ~ 21k mi) - bad enough now I can no longer ignore it. I've been a big idiot and adjusting my chain on the centerstand (Doh!) to the lose side (1.2") of the specs. IF I remember correctly this makes it even looser when i measure on the side stand.....maybe too lose a chain is bad too. I'm not suffering 14K but I thought I would get longer. Sprockets look ok to me but the side to side slop in the chain seems excessive (whats the tolerance/limit on this). Maybe I'll slop more lube on too (that's what she said). Last time i measured the stretch it was ok.....but crunchy crunchy crunchy.

Without trying to highjack (I have no bombs in my shoes).

1) Does anyone use a "heavyweight oil" to lube their chain (like 5w-30 or so - I see ATF mentioned). Got a lot of excess (not old) motor oil - seems like in town why not use this and save the spray for the road? I think the shop I used last time did it this way based on looks......Any ideas on best application? This would similar to oil in the automatic oilers no - or ATF is?

2) Where is best place to get chain, what type etc. Some stuff on ebay but worried on origin / quality.....see vstroma one in earlier post.

3) Any good links to discussions on chain tools etc. (I'll go search.....but still...) last time i changed a chain I was a wee kid popping wheelies (with the aid of the slanted sidewalks) riding the back of my banana seat with a sweet gold flake metallic helmet....grinnin like a MoFo.

4) This site rocks.....

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