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Originally Posted by jpooch00
I just found out that you are required to get that 15,000 mile, $1200-$1300 service at 24 months regardless of mileage. I guess these engines wear even when they aren't running!

Of course, that would only be relevant if you had an extended warranty, since the factory warranty expires at 24 months anyway.
Most bikes have a time and mileage clause in their service schedule. It's pretty normal that the brake fluid and coolant are replaced every two years. From what I've learned from the local Ducati club members is that the belts can go past 2 years, but should a belt break, you're stranded.

The timing belt in my honda vehicle is rated for 7 years or 100,000 miles. Makes you wonder why not have a longer life belt in the new multi engine.

Well, no one buys a Ducati to save money on service, at least the valve interval is now at 24,000 km. I'm meeting with the Ducati dealer in about a week and we will go over the entire maintenace schedule and I've asked him to price each one for me. I want to have a clear picture of the cost of ownership and then make my decision. I'll also get a test ride
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