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I'll break it down AS WRITTEN BY DUCATI in the tech training for the Multistrada:

600 mile service = 1.4 hours
7500 mile (or annual) service = 1.5 which is an oil change
15,000 mile service (no time requirement) = 6 hours which includes the desmo valve service

Coolant and fluids at 36 months/ 3 years
Belts at 60 months/ 5 years

The talk about the 15,000 mile service being required at 24 months is incorrect. What is required at 15,000 or 24 months is the third oil and filter change (600 mile, 7,500 mile, 15,000 mile, etc...). The actual 15,000 mile service including valves has no time requirement - it is at 15K miles.

The fact that the service time for the 15,000 mile service is spec'ed at 6 hours @ flat rate means that it is truly half of the previous service requirement (which was actually spec'ed a little over 6 hours).

Hope this calms some of the fears about 12 hour services - they don't exist.
This is an extremely easy Ducati to service, it was designed very thoughtfully with maintenance in mind.
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