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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Thanks Stagecoach, this is the kind of CONFIRMED information we need. 5 years on the belts is plenty reasonable.

Any word about the brake bleeding mileage/timeline? (or is that included in the 3 year fluids cycle? Is the ABS brake bleed any more complicated than bleeding regular hydraulic brakes? (used to own a BMW with servo's so I have to ask )

There's no separate transmission oil, right? It's all in one engine?
Gadget Boy,

Brake bleeding is at 36 months/ 3 years (I would recommend 2 years personally). Bleeding the brakes is as easy as a non-ABS system. No separate transmission oil - all in one.

As a side note - every Multi comes with 3 lock cylinders (the S Touring has 2 already installed in side cases) for a top and sidecases to key the same as the gas cap (no actual keyed ignition, fob only). Of course, you can replace the gas cap with a fob-activated lock unit - so you would only need a key for the bags.

Along with the fob (which has a pop-out key) you receive a back-up "red key" that can activate the ignition when waved over the dashboard. This is not the old red key that, if lost, meant buying a new ECU - merely a back-up. If you have ridden away from your fob after it activated the ignition, the dashboard will warn you that you have exceeded the operational proximity. In that case, ride back or the next time you shut it off, it's off. The back-up solution to that situation is to set a PIN. You can then enter that PIN on the dash to activate the ignition (for 15 seconds after entering the number). So conceivably you don't need a key or fob, but it's a bit of a pain.
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