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As am owner and user of one of these jacks, I can vouch for its usefulness and construction.

Pulled into a grassy camping area in Colorado last summer, put down the side stand and shut off the bike. As I leaned it, it just kept going, and going, over. There was a hole in the ground covered with grass. Not only was the 1150GS on its side, but the sidestand was wedged in a hole. No one was around to help me free/lift the GS.

Unfolded the sno-buddy jack for the first time, rigged it up, and after several tries, uprighted the bike enough so I could push it forward so the sidestand was on solid ground. This was after I unloaded the camping gear.

One caveat, place a jacket or heavy cloth between the jack and the tank so as to not scratch the paint.

There be other solutions out there, but the sno-buddy proved itself to me.

Now the jack goes with me on all solo trips, just like the camelback and the tire tools.
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