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Originally Posted by ro22
Love it so far. showed up with 2067 miles on the odo took it for shake down cruise and noticed after a mile or two the speedo quit working. now have ridden the bike for a few days and see the odo works and then not works and then works again. anybody got any suggestions?
kind of a semi-educated guess, but the speedometer and odometer are electronic so the symptoms would suggest a problem with the speed sensor or its wiring. I don't have the service manual with me so I can't point you right to it but it's probably on the transmission somewhere near the output shaft.

Could also be a problem with the gauge itself but I would check out the speed sensor first because it's cheaper/easier and because the fact that both displays quit points to a speed sensor problem as the likely cause.

EDIT: Now that I do have the service manual in front of me, I can confirm that the speed sensor is located on the output shaft near the front sprocket. Might want to pull the sprocket cover and check the sensor and wiring for physical damage. You can electrically test it but seeing as it's a solid state item it would be unlikely to be bad itself (I think). More likely damage to wiring or something.

The other thing would be if the power supply to the speed sensor from the speedometer is faulty. You can test that as well by removing the clocks, connecting pin 5 on the back to +12V and pin 1 on the back to the - terminal of the battery, then use your VOM to test the voltage between pins 6 and 1. If it's less than 8V, you have to replace the clocks. They also make it a point to tell you not to short pins 1 and 6 or 4 and 6.

They also have a more detailed test that can be done with an oscilloscope if you have one.
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