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Update: I ordered the Aprilia DD tailbag from my local dealer about 5 weeks ago. Just received the call to come get it last weekend.

I was finally able to pick it up last night and tried installing it... Not a bad looking bag overall, but I'll be returning it this weekend.

The side bags are sort of useless and the straps that hold them to the seat are both too short. They won't install the way the instructions tell you to install them and I can't figure out a way to get around that. The shorter of the two straps that goes around the rear-most section of the seat was also sewn upside-down to the base, so that, even if it were long enough, you couldn't lay the velcro sides onto each other properly.

The other deal killer, is the strap system that holds the bag to the base is composed of 4 straps that require you to thread the straps through those small backpack-style plastic cinches. Useless if you're in a hurry...

Thumbs down from me. Save your $270 and look for another bag system.
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