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Originally Posted by Dukeryder
That old Alternator might still be good!

Unless the bearings inside the Alternator were noisy or there was a lot of play in the shaft more than likely it's just the Voltage regulator that went bad. Bosch Alternators are actually really beefy. A few years ago I had an '82 Merc 280 E and the battery light started coming on and I knew the Alternator was the source of the problem. I just happened to have a refurbed one from an Old VW Golf (Different Housing config. but same regulator) that had little use I just pulled the regulator out and swapped it into the Alternator on the Merc. It took <30mins from Diagnosis to finished repair and saved probably $400 or better.

After watching Monday nights Top Gear, I had a little Range Rover Lust.
ah, mines bad. No charge and the bearings are sounding like a coffee can full of rocks. Loved that episode....have to watch it again tonight!!!
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