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Mueller's 2nd time around

Went to Mueller's in Taylor on Thursday. I got there about 11:25, dropped my stuff at a table and was about 5th in line. By the time I got my food and paid my bill the line stretched to the door (20 or 30 people I guess). I had good timing. Way at the back of the line was JohnDavid, his son and his friend Gene (I hope I spelled/remembered this correctly). NEVER GO TO MUELLER'S EXPECTING TO GET IN AND OUT FAST. This ain't fast food people. They hand cut every order and the guy that does it is very nice (ie, doesn't sling the food at you). So it takes a little time to get through the line. My first visit I started just inside the door and it took 45 minutes.

As per usual the food was great and I had ordered way too much. I had the brisket (the lean end this visit), a beef rib, and 3 pork ribs.

The lean end brisket is really good. They ask when you order if you want the lean or moist end of the brisket. The rub used on the brisket and beef rib is a salt and pepper rub and they use a good amount. I like this, so I like the flavor. The sauce is a low viscosity type that is beefy and tomatoey at the same time. Because its thin, it doesn't drench the meat, but instead helps moisturize it. IMHO, excellent BBQ shouldn't need any sauce, so I favor this type of lite sauce over the heavy and sweeter "ketch-up" style sauces. I'd rate the lean end brisket a solid 8.

Beef ribs by their nature are a well marbled meat. With that rub and the bone in flavor I think beef ribs are my new favorite BBQ cut of meat. These were great and I'd give them a 9.

The pork ribs used a different rub, which is good cause the pepper rub would have overpowered them. They were good, but not great = 6 or 7.

I've eaten here twice and I've had a good visit each time. Its impressive.
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