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City Market in Luling

I ate at the City Market in Luling today. Right by the door is a little parking spot that is too small for anything but a motorcycle, so I parked right in the front row and entered. It looks like a market when you walk in but go to the back and you go out another door to the pit part of the restaurant and order your meat. They only have 3 kinds of meat here: brisket, pork ribs, and sausage (called hot rings here). There are only 3 things on the menu, so can someone please tell me how it took this one women 5 minutes to order her food. Of course, she had to be on the phone during part of this time. Not only did she take forever, she also took that last of the brisket. Bitch!

So I got 3 pork ribs and two hot rings. For sides they also use the freedom from choice method again - Beans and potato salad. I'm generally a slaw man, but here I took what they had. I was thirsty and wanted some tea. The only tea they have is made with nutra-sweet and lemon. I put neither of these in my tea, so I passed and got a beer instead. The sauce is a little hot sauce type bottle of this orangish sauce. Because it was in a hot sauce bottle, it kept you from putting too much on. It was a subtle sauce that did enhance the meat's favor yet didn't overpower.

Well, If you can only do a few tricks, you better do them well. And they do here. The ribs were really the standout here. Perhaps a 7 or 8 on the scale. These are waaay above average and the most tender ribs I've had on this trip so far.

The sausage was also good. I seldom get or use the sausage as a indicator of a good BBQ place because its so easy to cook and so much of the flavor is dependent of the sausage maker - which is seldom the restaurant. So I'm not going to rate it here.

Once again, I had ok timing - while I missed the last of the brisket by 1 person, the line exploded while I was getting my beer.

Overall I'd rate this a good experience. I like it when restaurants branch out and offer something a little different. Here they didn't, but they covered the basics really well. If I was passing through Luling, I'd eat here again, but I don't know if I'd go too far out of my way for it.
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