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Eh? Coaches new and old (and old Jay Cutler's "replacement")

Worst Overall Drafts

Denver Broncos: To have a truly weird draft, a team must begin with an inexplicable first-round reach. Though Tim Tebow's intangibles are off the charts, there are far too many questions about his throwing mechanics in a long-term sense to spend a first-round pick on him, especially when you, as Denver did, trade multiple later picks to get him. Demaryius Thomas is a good deep receiver, but none of the three current Denver quarterbacks have good deep arms.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Big first-round reach, Part 2, with Tyson Alualu taken with the 10th overall pick. The Jags have spent far too much draft currency on their front seven and still show inconclusive results, a trend that continues through this draft.

Washington Redskins/New York Jets: Both teams made significant free agency moves, but unloaded talent on draft day that they may have been better off keeping. Both first-round picks Trent Williams to the Redskins; Kyle Wilson to the Jets are impressive, but the general sense in the NFL is that you build through the draft and augment through free agency. Both teams are expected to make playoff runs this season, and the ramifications will be interesting if they fall short.

Chicago Bears: Okay, let's get this straight. The Bears trade pretty much everything, up to and including George Halas' first leather helmet, for quarterback Jay Cutler. They have needs all over their roster, despite a very active free agency plunge. And in their draft, which didn't start until the 75th overall pick, they spend one of their five picks on ... Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour, who refused to throw at the combine because he wasn't familiar with the receivers. Ouch, guys.
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