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Originally Posted by DougZ73
I was just checking these out on your site and wanna make sure of something. This is the page I am looking at:

The "mirror" is the plastic arm and mirror itself, correct??

What is the "reflector"?? Something goes on the back side??

In other words, I do not wanna pay $25 for a piece of plastic, and not have a mirror attached to it. I am hoping the "reflector" is not the "mirror", and more importantly, not something I have to buy extra, really making the mirror $35.

If it is indeed $25 for the mirror, then expect another customer. Its a good concept. If its $35 for the mirror, because I am required to by the "reflector"...which is really the "mirror"...then its just poor marketing and I shall not be a customer.

Try looking at your specific bike right?

The mirror is the arm + reflector glass for $25.00.

The components page lists the reflector glass separately for $10 as a replacement if yours should happen to break.

Hope this helps.
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