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Originally Posted by hobie1dog
Thanks for the video...It looks as if you are going pretty slow most of the time, but then again, being on the bike and feeling the bike go every which direction with all the ruts, roots, grooves, is completely different than watching the video. Easier said than is inspiring to watch you do it though.

I still don't see how you keep on the right trail...that would seem like the hard's one thing to follow someone, but alot of times you are out there by yourself trying to figure out which groove to take.

Keep us posted with more videos as you progress up the ranks. Oh, have you ever tried the chest mounting of your video camera? I've heard that gives a good perspective too.
The video does tend to slow things down, or at least, it seems slower when I watch it later than it did in real time in person. But, in fact, you are correct - I am going slow, but not exactly on purpose. I think my average speed was 14 MPH in that race. The class winner was going 17 MPH on average. Doesn't seem like a big difference, but it adds up over the 9 mile loop. The afternoon overall winner was averaging over 19 MPH. The morning pro race overall winner was averaging almost 24 MPH.

So right now, I'd need to increase my average speed by 3 or 4 MPH to win my class. Still doesn't sound like a lot, but carrying 3 or 4 more MPH through that tight stuff is going to take some serious effort. I think I can pick it up and go a bit faster in the more open sections. But each course is different and never having raced many of these courses before, the first time I've seen these is the first lap of the race, so I'm a little reluctant to go too fast not knowing what's coming up around the next bend.

But speed is definitely something I need to work on. Actually, it's probably technique that I need to work on, and then the speed will follow. I've been trying to stand more, and I think that is helping. But in the excitement of the race, it's easy to fall back on old (bad) habits. So I think I just need to suck it up, use proper technique even if I'm slower at first, and eventually the speed will come.

Your comment on the trails is apropos because one fella got a broken arm in the morning race by taking a wrong turn and ended up going the wrong way down the track later on and had a head-on.

But I didn't find it too hard to stay on course. It's pretty well marked. The problem spots are usually at a crossroads. They usually have yellow tape blocking the wrong way, but if someone blows through, the tape comes down, and that makes it hard for the next guy to figure out which way to go.
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