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Originally Posted by neduro
As Region Riley explained, the mirror includes the reflector by default.

The goal of making the glass piece available separately is to do consumers a favor, by making the reflector available in the event it got broken somehow. The arm is guaranteed forever, but if you whack it hard enough, I'm sure it is possible to break the glass (although I haven't done so yet). Making the glass available separately would avoid you having to buy another $25 mirror in that event, when all you needed was the glass insert.

Sorry for the confusion!
OK, very good. I did not put two and two together and realize that the " reflector( replacement mirror)" was something you could buy if you broke a replacement......another good idea. ( maybe a webpage change is in order)

I am on my third mirror and still not 100% satisfied...add that to the fact that I have spare Ram mounts from various GPS mounts I have purchased, buying one of these is a no I shall be a customer...with in the next two weeks.

Thanks for clearing that up and responding quickly.
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