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I don't believe there are many 5 Star hotels with a view like this.

I would rather sleep in a tent here than in any 5 Star hotel.

Back to our campsite - just before it got dark:

The next morning we had to head back home, but we were going to take the slow way back

We took the rail trail (based on J R Booth's old rail line - thanks J R!) along the Madawaska river. Beautiful, although the trail was quite beat up. Our bikes were fully laden again and there were huge holes in the trail. Made for lots of interesting moments.

We were told by a local that the trail should be open all the way to the next Town we wanted to get to, but that there was a new detour. Apparantely there is a turtle crossing of the rail line, and there was concern for the turtles with ATV's, off road trucks and dual sport bikes using the rail trail. So, a detour around the turtle area was in order. The lady we spoke with said she had heard from the ATVers that the detour was "pretty rough". Rob and I knew that "pretty rough" for an ATV is likely "killer" for a motorbike. We decided to have a look, and turn around if we had to.

This "detour" was insane It is 6 km in length - cut through very rough bush - up and down a huge hill. I can only imagine what it must have cost to build. I am all for saving turtles, but this seems pretty extreme. A huge amount of other environmental destruction was caused - tons of carbon emissions from the bull dozers to move all this dirt - thousands of trees cut - creeks diverted and likely contaminated during construction - is all that less important than some turtle habitat?

Having said all that, it did make for some difficult but fun riding.

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