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Originally Posted by cinco
I've got a Ruger SP101 (2 1/2" barrell) that I carry IWB with a Don Hume model M715. I love it. Super comfy and pretty darn good at concealing basically a full size revolver. Conceals well with a longer tshirt - I sometimes tuck a bit of the cloth back under the snap to keep it from riding up. I wear mine with pants and shorts and it is very secure. It rides at about the 3:30 to 4:00 position.

I've not tried them, but the Crossbreed "Supertuck" looks real nice for actually wearing shirts "tucked in".

I'm still up in the air about where to carry on my person while riding as it makes me nervous considering the effects of landing on the piece if I crash
I had that Don Hume and I sold it, I couldn't get over the single clip that let the holster "walk."
That's not how you change a tire. He's suposed to be flailing around on a nasty garage floor with those cheapo 8" irons the rest of us have.
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