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Originally Posted by Wingspan
Then there is no reason to carry on your person while riding and put yourself at added risk of injury during a fall.
Transitioning from luggage to person can be awkward, tactically revealing, possibly alarming to someone who sees you (say going into a bank, etc.) and increases the handling of a gun that might otherwise just stay put under your garments.

There's arguments for having it on you, and off, and no right answer.

I choose to carry a small gun while on the bike, and keep it at my 12 oclock position over my belly...figuring that I'm not likely to land on my stomach, and there are no bones or hard tissue there to injure. I've fallen off the bike hundreds of times on trails and it's never hurt or caused an issue.

Just gotta make your compromise, and live with it. The one I'm not willing to make is being defenseless in my travels. YMMV.
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