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I got off work early yesterday, and being such a nice day outside, I decided to ride down to the shop that's working on my fuel tank bracket so that they could do a quick fab of the mounting brackets to put it on the bike.

Traffic sucked, and I got hit with redlight after redlight after redlight, so I switched over to the interstate...which moved from standstill to 30mph, to standstill, to 50mph, and back to standstill again.

About 2 hours later (or about 30 miles) traffic started speeding up again, and I noticed a car appear in the lane beside me that wasn't in the lane a moment before, and so I looked to make sure it wasn't coming all the way over into my lane (as I've seen happen time and time again.) Satisfied it was staying in it's lane, I looked ahead again, and traffic had slowed again, the distance I had between myself and the car infront of me much less than it was before. Instinctively I applied the brakes, and they locked up.

A split second later, I'm looking down as my body is moving forward and to the right. Another split second later, I'm on the ground, sliding forward, felt my helmet smack against the pavement. I'm thinking "I'm down, and I'm sliding down the highway. Hope I don't get ran over. Maybe I can roll off to the shoulder." I roll on to my back, trying to get my feet under me. I put my hands behind me, trying to lift myself onto my feet...and then I stopped sliding.

So, I stood up walked myself onto the shoulder, saw my bike already there along side 4-5 cars and I thought "the bike didn't hit all of those cars, did it?"

It didn't.

One guy was telling me I should sit down, another saying they've called medical services for me. All the while, I'm just saying "I'm fine," and looking at my bike wondering how I'm going to get the 30 miles back to my apartment.

Long story short, I was able to get the bike towed to the shop I was headed to, and I was able to get a buddy of mine to drive down and bring me back to my place.



Also...the fuel tank bracket looks great. Can't wait to get it onto the bike.
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