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Ok,,, from a LD rider who knows riders on both sides of the Bitchline on this thread???

If you have a problem with the egg going to California,,, which,,, MANY,,, did on here??? I mean,,, why call it North American Tag then??? Call it "Within 109 miles of my porch Tag"...

We can assume if California ticked you off panties will be in a wad when it goes to Belize,,, this is a given... I mean,,, if you start a game like this,,, and then bitch it gets to far from your porch and you can't play,,, watch from the sidelines and wait... LEARN,,, from others and witness great roads/spots/destinations you would never get to see!!!

I LOVE,,, reading where this has went,,, 91% of the places I might never go,,, but that 9% I will go because of this thread...

98% of this thread is all good,,, but anyone ranting on the 3 carrying the Egg on this trip,,, or,,, it getting carried to California,,, needs to remove panties from cracks and reapply IMHO...
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