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Originally Posted by Austin City Limits
Ok,,, from a LD rider who knows riders on both sides of the Bitchline on this thread???

If you have a problem with the egg going to California,,, which,,, MANY,,, did on here??? I mean,,, why call it North American Tag then??? Call it "Within 109 miles of my porch Tag"...

We can assume if California ticked you off panties will be in a wad when it goes to Belize,,, this is a given... I mean,,, if you start a game like this,,, and then bitch it gets to far from your porch and you can't play,,, watch from the sidelines and wait... LEARN,,, from others and witness great roads/spots/destinations you would never get to see!!!

I LOVE,,, reading where this has went,,, 91% of the places I might never go,,, but that 9% I will go because of this thread...

98% of this thread is all good,,, but anyone ranting on the 3 carrying the Egg on this trip,,, or,,, it getting carried to California,,, needs to remove panties from cracks and reapply IMHO...

Go back and read; the issue was not that it went to cali, infact it was great to see it move so far (just as with Belize). The issue was two things. One was simply the handoff. The second was two part; the first was using a tag shot that was not where teh egg was combined with a "call me I'll bring you the Egg". Second was that even after it was moved to teh birdhouse (pretty cool actually) it was simply sitting there doing nothing. Maybe there are just not many folks in CA (with such terrible riding weather and all ) that are interested in playing.

I would love to have the time to take Egg on a long trip, but until I retire (again) I do not see it happening. Me, I do not care if a person grabs Mr. Egg and only moves him 50 miles down the road if that is all they have time for. I also do not care if a person has Mr. Egg for two months if he is on a long trip and documents said trip on the thread. I think all that any of us are asking is that no matter where a rider takes Mr Egg he/she should simply use a bit of thought in placement. YES, taking Mr. Egg to Belize is an epic ride and moving him from Fla to CA was fantastic too, but if he is just going to sit (as would likely have happened in Belize if it was actually left there by the riders on that trip) then maybe he is being left in the wrong place. That is the issue, nothing more.
Yea, whatever.
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