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Originally Posted by DC950
really excellent report this time - if anyone want to know what it's like to race one of these, this one shows it. Congrats on the trophy.

So, did you wick it up more in the fast parts this time?
Thanks, DC!

I did my best to do that. I stood on the pegs more, more-so in the laps 2 and 3, perhaps that's one reason I did better on those laps. But I had to keep reminding myself to do it. I did have it in the forefront of my mind to not waste any time on the fast parts, thinking about what you said, though I was not always successful - had to get a drink occasionally so had to slow down for that, and also adjusted the top suspension clickers at one point on the fly to help smooth out the rough, so there were places where I could have otherwise gone faster but was occupied attending to hydration or bike adjustments. I'm convinced the extra attention to stand more and also to constantly remind myself to not tarry where I didn't have to, made a difference, likely of several positions. The next guy behind me in my class was only 30 seconds back - if he would have passed, I would not have gotten the trophy. So staying vigilant and pushing more surely saved that position and likely several others. In a 1.5 hour race, the seconds add up quickly.

Overall I am very pleased with my result.
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