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I finally got a few hard off-road miles on the bike by doing several hundred miles of single-track in Utah. Because of the trail ridden I geared back down to 13/47, which was optimal for the more technical stuff. Didn't do much dual sporting, but on the few fire roads we hit I certainly could have use a bit higher gearing.

I didn't get many pictures of the Husky cause my riding buddies are bums and left all the photography to me, plus we were too happy to be riding after a long winter to stop often.

Overall the bike performed well. The suspension was great (all I needed to do was dial in some additional preload in the rear), the power delivery smooth and linear. Compared to my old XR650R the bike feels much lighter and more maneuverable, in particular in the really tight stuff. I do miss the stump pulling torque the BRP has right off the bottom and sometimes wished the Husky has a wider ratio gear box, but overall I love the bike.

A couple of caveats:

- Make sure you check the engine mounting bolts. On day three of the trip I fired the bike up in the morning and heard a strange rattle. Needless to say the upper front bolt was only held in by the skid-plate, having lost it's nut and the lower mounting bolt nut was almost all the way off. I recommend getting some nylock nuts and thread-locking them on.

- The white bike looks great when new, but scuffs up fast in the dirt and is impossible to clean. I still need to try the Mr Clean Magic Eraser trick an inmate suggested. Seems like a great Idea.

- With the EFI you need to really pay attention to the start up sequence. When stopped at a junction waiting for the guy behind you you cant simply turn the key on and hit the starter button and go. It's more like turn the key, wait for the dash to run through the start up sequence and listen for the fuel pump to prime the injectors.....then hit start.

- The bike was sometimes hard to start when warm and would take several seconds of starter to fire or even would require turning off and running the whole start up sequence to fire up.

- The Husky sure looks like she is bleeding to death when you dump it on it's right side and you just filled it w/ fresh bright red synthetic Silkolene oil. The first time it happened I thought I had punctured the case because of all the oil on the ground. The installation of a filter on the breather hose did not slow the flow of blood the least bit when the bike was on its side.

- Not too fond of this super straight kickstand, it's very finicky and almost requires you to lean the bike away from you to get it down. The design could certainly use some improvement.

The Maxis IT Deserts performed well and did not supper any puncture or flats. I ran about 14 ps in the front and 12 in the rear.

When I do change the chain I will go with one that is 2-3 links longer. The stock one is too short and keeps the tire to close to the neck of the swingarm.

The MoJavi bag was great. Once on it never moved and required minimal snugging every other day.

That's all I got for now.
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