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I did the LED idiot light conversion and AI removal kit from this weekend. I have a couple of comments on the procedure for those that may not have done these upgrades, but are considering it.

The LED kit works great, and the procedure is relatively easy. The only problem I had was trying to line-up the interior washers on the inside of the plastic housing behind the gauge cluster. They sit up on a little lip in the housing, and fall off and rattle around in the housing if you don't line the screws up properly. I dabbed them with a little silicon adhesive to keep them put while I lined up the holes. Lights are very bright and clear now (even in direct sunlight).

The AI kit was also an easy install (or removal actually), with a few exceptions. The AI tubes that insert into the head are supposed to be removed with a 13mm deep well socket. It would need to be 6 inches deep to work, which I didn't have. Also, the tip of the tube bell's out to make a flange fit for the hose that goes over it. A 3/8" drive socket wouldn't clear the flange on the drive end. I bought the longest 13mm 1/2" drive I could find locally, thinking it would clear the flange in case it wasn't quite long enough. It wasn't long enough or wide enough. Time to make the tool work, whether it wants to or not. I slipped it on and wacked it with a hammer a few times and knocked the lip of the flange enough to slide on. Went over to the next side, and repeated procedure...but the tube bent instead. Wound up having to bend the tube back and snap it off instead (I guess I will have to buy parts if I decide to add back the AI). I tried to torque the new bolt plugs in, but my torque wrench felt odd. The replacement bolts are "12"MM - not 13mm?! Well that wasn't in the instructions!
Well, I rode the Scrambler this morning, and no backfiring/popping on deceleration. In fact, the TORS just sounded smoother and more mellow. Bonus. Also, I could be imagining things, but the power delivery felt smoother as well.
All in all, a relatively inexpensive bit of farkeling, with noticeable improvements and no apparent downsides.
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