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Just finished a adv camp and the scrambler did just great!
My primary concern is the itty-bitty battery. In two days of riding (8 hours, 11 miles!) lots of slow speed practice and stopping and starting (read: stalling and falling), I spent way too much time worrying about the bike starting again! We tried to bump start, I tried to take any opportunity to run some higher speed laps to juice up the battery, and plugged in to a trickle charger when we took a longer break and overnight.
Other than the power problems the scrambler did everything that the smaller dirt bikes and the larger gs's did, with the only limitation being the operator .

A small sample of the company...

There were 18 of us, all women, more pics to follow.

The good news: I fell at least 4 times, 2 on each side, and didn't break anything! The sliders, folding shifter, and oberon pegs all held up. I am very pleased!
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