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Originally Posted by Photog
I know what you mean...evening rides on the scoots are my favorites. I can hear crickets and so on because the bike is so quiet, soak up the smells from the countryside, and it seems like I can see every blade of grass if I want to.

I had falling sun, fog, rain then dark night (little if any moon) was perfect, if only I remembered that I left the chest vents open on my jacket and was curious why it felt so cold

Downloaded gascubby for the ipod, hoping to track the gas types and mileage I am getting for a little while. Should prove interesting. the topbox has some air flow dynamics which I think reduce my overall MPG but I am nit picking

I will even admit to one full tuck and WOT to see if it made any difference at all (it didn't really).

just clicked over 300 miles
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