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... on the first day God said "Let there be light!"

Well, it's been WAY more than one day, but finally....

yes, FINALLY, we have light!

I'm not so sure why this has taken so long. I guess I'm better at dreaming than doing. (Well, no guessing required here. I'm a dreamer!)

It's amazing how small this garage has become as time has gone on. But, the light looks good, and the Red Haired Mistress is happy in her abode.

She'll soon be crowded as the 55 goes in for a refresh and some much needed repairs and enhancements. The last 7 years living in God's great outdoors has not been kind to the old girl. Recently, she's been a little moody. Backfiring through the carb, running rich, and being generally contrary.

But soon, she'll get the attention she deserves. Then, she'll be thoroughly flogged.

I'm hopeful that the industrial/commercial T-8 lights perform in a manner worthy of the hefty price tag I paid for them.

We're coming along. I'll sand, prime, and paint my "new to me" cabinets next week. I'll also try to get the block primed and painted, as well as finishing the walls & ceilings. Maybe 3 weeks before I'm moved in.

Hmm..... Maybe we need to put some brisket, shoulder, and ribs in the smoker and have a few ADV'ers over soon!

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