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About fifty miles straight west of the Kidder site just across the Colorado border is where you will find Beechers Island Battlefield. Where Lt. Beecher of the story above was killed along with four other men, when around a thousand Cheyenne led by Roman Nose attacked and ran Forsyth and fifty civilian scouts onto a small sandbar in the Arikaree river where they dug in for seven days, sept 17th 1868. Fort Wallace in western Kansas is seventy five miles south east of Beechers. Fort Wallace is where Lt Beecher took the bodies of the Kidder Massacre and where his body would later be taken. It is allso where rescue for the Beecher party came from.

Hard to beleive this old Arikaree river used to flood let alone had a sandbar, but that was before before irigation pumps came along to grow crops where once only grass grew.

The Cheyenne and sioux made massive mounted charges up the river bottom on to the sandbar, but being civilian scouts many had repeating rifles, Spencers, and Winchester's.

Roman Nose, would die here. And later they would name a park in Oklahoma after him.

Roman Nose ridge, is where the tribes women, children and old people came out every day to view the days action and cheer on their warriors. Forsyth's scouts had camped unkowingly just three miles from a huge Cheyenne and sioux village.

Looking up the river bed from the sandbar towards Roman Nose ridge.

Esteban, on the ridge.

Beechers Island. You have to imagine those hills covered with really pissed Cheyenne and sioux!

The Story.

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