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Originally Posted by Sod Buster
Just to throw a couple of more old pics out there and its just a cool story. Thirty years after the battle, the Old West was long over, three of the survivors would meet in 1898 to see if they could find the battle site. They did and they erected a stone, later the monument would be erected and the building.

The pic below is about the oldest i have seen of Beechers it shows what the river would have looked like at the time hardly any trees, no cover just rifle pits dug behind dead mules and horses on a small sandbar in the Arikaree river.

The little sandbar in this pic is pretty much where it went down.

Now that Sodbuster's a Washingtonian, can it be all that long before we see detailed historical accounts of those prairies east of the Cascades, Battle at Steptoe Butte, the hunt for Harry Tracy, history of the Omak Stampede, etc??

Originally Posted by Javarilla

Evolution, or, natural selection, has nothing to do with better.

It merely weeds out what is no longer suitable for the given context.

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I would rather be on my motorcycle thinking about God than in church thinking about my motorcycle.
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