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Originally Posted by YnotJP?
Pinay Ako, Thanks for the additional photos, They show how nice not only the riding is but, the people, and the country. As I have said, in other postings, for the life of me, I can't see why the Philippines has not been over run with foreign Adventure riders.
yeah.. whenever im somewhere for a ride (especially in the mountains where one will rarely see vehicles passing) the kids & the people cheer when they notice im a girl.

but of course they also cheer for my ride buddies (just a louder one for me)

and sometimes, when i pass by a group having a picnic beside the falls or beach, they invite us for a hefty meal (if i just have a lil space in my tummy for that, i will really give in )

there probably are some foreigners who tour some parts of the philippines on two wheels... but maybe they don't know this site? that's why they don't share their experiences here? i duno... just maybe.

Three days in the rain will test anyone.

A nice place to ride, a nice place to relax, and nice eats, looks like it was a fun trip. (Glad to see you guys saved the Halo-Halo for the end of the meal.)
even just a day of riding in the rain in a very cold place gives me that chill!


no, i ate the Halo-halo alternately with the pansit palabok.

i love the contrasting taste of a salty/sour against the sweetness of the dessert
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