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Based on this thread I think I'm going to update some of my emergency stuff.

I already wear dog tags that I had custom made. One tag has my personal ID info including blood type and the fact that I have no known allergies. The other tag has ICE contact info.

I don't know why I wasn't doing this before, but I put ICE contact entries into my phone. The iPhone is ubiquitous enough now that *somebody* on the scene or at the hospital should know how to get at my contacts.

I think I'm also going to acquire a Spot and a dedicated medical bracelet based on some of the posts in this thread.

Oh yeah, and thank you to the actual emergency responders who took the time to post what they are trained to look for. That's why I got dog tags in the first place--I'd heard that EMS personnel tend to look for them where stuff in my pockets, on my helmet, etc. might get missed. I'm adding the redundant bracelet for that very reason--if the dog tags get missed, the bracelet shouldn't be. That also gives me some alternatives to wear on a daily basis, since I typically commute on my bike.
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