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Originally Posted by YnotJP?
Please tell us more about this North Loop.

1080 K, that is what 680 miles?

On a 125cc, how long did it take you? And do you think that you will ever do it again?

I forgot your young.

1,080 kms. = 671.080 miles (according to google)

it took me about 23 hours and 36 minutes for that loop.

IF i get a higher displacement bike, "maybe" i'll do it again for a reason.

but for just accomplishing it?

not anymore....

me on a 125 cc bike did it in 24 hours....

anybody on a higher displacement bike can definitely do it less than that (unless the bike or the rider bugs down )

the ride started in POINT 2 (Manila)
(it was exactly in Taguig BUT it's not written there
[or i just did not find it there?])

then POINT 13 (Bulacan), 24 (Cagayan) then to the left --- Sanchez Mira, Pagupud, all the way to Laoag which is POINT 22

then POINT 21.... POINT 20

POINT 29 (BAGUIO) --- Finish Line

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